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Concert Music


 Blue Danube Waltz

 CAN YOU HEAR ME Chorus with Solo Violin

 Celtic Dance Medium Tempo

 Celtic Dance Fast Tempo

 Christmas Lullaby (In Dulci Jubilo) by Mark Williams

 Cinema Paradiso by Ennio Morricone

 Cripple Creek Slow Tempo

 Cripple Creek Medium Tempo 

 Crystal City March


 Dragonfly HES Chamber Ensemble 2014

 Dragonfly Slow Tempo 


 Dragonfly Medium Tempo 

 Fancy Fiddles Medium Tempo

 Fancy Fiddles

 Fancy Fiddles Slow Tempo 

 Fantasy On Greensleeves

 Fiddles on Fire Fast Tempo

 Fiddles on Fire Slow Tempo

 Fiddles on Fire Medium Tempo

 Fiddles out West

 First Scale March Concert Tempo - Real Orchestra 

 Frog In A Tree

 Fumble Fingers All District Night Finale 

 Fumble Fingers Live Recording Hewlett Elementary Orchestra 5/20/13

 Holiday Dances

 Hunters' Chorus

Joust Medium Tempo

 Joust Concert Tempo 

 Knick-Knack Waltz

 La Rejouissance

Medley of Melodies 

 Minuet & Trio Viola Part

 Minuet & Trio 1st Violin Part

 Minuet & Trio mp3 Version

 Minuet & Trio 2nd Violin Part 

 Minuet & Trio Bass Part

 Minuet and Trio by Leon Metcalf 

 Minuet and Trio Cello Part 

 Minuet and Trio Bass Part 

 Minuet from Water Music

 Mozart Serenade and Dance 


 Ode To Joy 

 Our First March Fast Tempo 

 Our First March Slow Tempo 

 Overture G.F. Handel arr. by R. Meyer

 Perpetual Motion Christmas Medium Tempo

 Perpetual Motion Christmas

 Perpetual Motion Christmas Slow Tempo 

 Pizzicato Magic

 Rustic Dance

 Sailor's Song by Marl Williams

 Shadow Dance Slow Tempo 

 Shadow Dance by Richard Meyer

 Shadow Dance Medium Tempo 

 Shaker Fantasia

 Skater's Waltz Slow Tempo

 Skater's Waltz Fast Tempo

 Skaters' Waltz 

 Slavonic Dance by A. Dvorak/R. Meyer

 Slavonic Dances Hewlett Elementary Chamber Ensemble 5/20/13 

 Sleeping Beauty Waltz 

 Star Dancer Slow Version 

 Star Dancer  Fast Tempo

 Until We Meet Again 

 Yuletide Cheer by arr. E. Siennicki