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The Hewlett-Woodmere District Music Department is a comprehensive music education program for students in grades K through 12. Over the past fifteen years, the Music Department has enjoyed tremendous growth and has been able to sustain student participation in the elementary schools through the secondary schools during the difficult pre-teen years. Approximately one out of every three students in the Hewlett-Woodmere School District is involved in the performing music program.

Classroom music is also being taught to every student in the elementary schools with great success. In middle school non-performing music students in grades6, 7 and 8 receive a semester of classroom music every other day.

All students in 4th grade have the opportunity to select an instrument of their choice in either the band or orchestra and can become a member of the 4th grade chorus. In 5th grade students continue to receive lessons and have the opportunity for membership in the elementary school band, orchestra and chorus.