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The Elementary Art Program

               Where in the school can you find mathematicians, scientists, anthropologists, poets, potters, and painters?  In the art room, of course!  From grade 2 through 5, our elementary art program progresses sequentially through its own curriculum and naturally becomes part of the inter-disciplinary process.  Looking at art and artifacts helps enhance our knowledge of history through insight into ideas and cultures of the past.  Science, math, and technology also become part of the process of making art. Language skills improve as students use art terminology and description to respond orally and in written form to their own work, and the work of others.

                Our standards-based program introduces children to various aspects of art including materials and techniques, elements and principles of art and design, art history, aesthetics, and art criticism.  All of our elementary schools provide art instruction by a certified teacher in a dedicated art space, for one period each cycle.

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